Hello All My Lovely Ladies!

So, Aaron finally made it back from California, where he was pretty much incommunacado. Then, he went to New Hampshire (his hometown) and was incommunacado there. Then, his phone blew up & now he's in Virginia for one of his friends who died whose getting an award. Still incommunacado. Whew! Then, he's got to go back to New Hampshire in March to finish his divorce. I told him, baby, if absence makes the heart grow fonder, I am quite quite fond of you. Okay, so the events of the past few days have been...crazy. First off, I have this crazy ex boyfriend, who apparently blames me for all of his heartache, mainly because I tell him he's got no business trying to hook up with ****** from Texas when he's living in NC and lives in New York when he goes home. He's getting kicked out of the Marine Corps because he's mentally weird. That's the best way to describe it at the moment. Any ways, so to give you a basic run down of this hombre raro: I broke up with him after two months. Then he decided to hit on my best friend who was dating his best friend - still is - but they aren't best friends anymore. Now, every time he says something to me, he yells at me, calls me a b!tch and tells me I'm heartless and that I'm going to break Aaron's heart and all that. And then, if I don't tell him hey when I see him he freaks out and gets all "you're a b!tch" on me. Grr! Did I mention that he keeps coming down from Camp Lejuene and staying with at my friends house? I used to be over there eating with them and going out and all that, not anymore! Grrr!!! That's the general jist of before hand. Now the good part. Okay well Valentine's Eve, he starts texting me and telling me that I've won and am I happy that he's alone on Valentine's day and that I don't know what it's like to be a guy who can't get anyone (wonder why?????) and not to mention I think his you-know-what is broken. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Okay, so anyways, I just keep agreeing with him and then he decides to bring up some bad stuff from my past. That made me REALLY SUPER ANGRY!! Also, he thought it would be fun to get on my friends MSN while she was away and pretend to be her and then think I wasn't smart enough to know that it wasn't her. So, I got in my car, drove to my friend house, walked into her kitchen where he was sitting in my old seat at the table (they were getting ready to eat oops!) and punched him in the face. Then I left, and I have been banned until I apologize to her parents. Grr. So...that's my story. Also, Aaron came back Monday and surprised me. He broke his phone so he couldn't call me, and then I heard someone knocking on the door and I thought it was my dad and it was Aaron standing on the porch! I nearly knocked him down hugging him! Stay strong girls. Love yalll!
frankiewalkingdeadgirl frankiewalkingdeadgirl
18-21, F
Feb 20, 2009