Not a Hero

So, I am taking a philosophy class this year and we have been talking about a lot of controversial things. The latest is whether or not we believe in war and killing during war. I'm not posting this to start a bunch of controversy, but there was something in one of the girls posts that got me. One of the girls who was arguing against the war actually said that she "wouldn't call them heros exactly." Her arguement was that because they have to kill people, then they are not heros. I couldn't believe it! Well, actually I could, but it made me really mad and so I yelled at her. P.S. Aaron is finally divorced!!! And apparently Jake, my friends bf, is still as crazy as ever. The last I heard he was running around Iraq with a mop on his head acting like a chicken! Lol. I think that what I'm going to miss the most when Aaron leaves is not being to wake up beside him. We like to "accidently" fall asleep on the couch together. Okay, must go and defend my discussion board. Love you girls!
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Thats what I said. I pretty much told her she was stupid, just in about five hundred words or so lol.