I'm Frustrated!

My boyfriend Stephen and I have been together for about 2 years now. We started dating right after he decided to join the Marines, so I have been with him the whole way, through bootcamp and all of his training so far. His unit just deployed to Iraq last month and it has been tough. I knew being a marine girlfriend was gonna be hard, but I'm having a hard time dealing with him being away so much. After bootcamp they usually have the 10 day leave before going back for more training, but Stephen took the untraditional route and wanted to finish college first, since he only had a year left. So I got to see him for awhile, but then his unit was told that they would be deploying, so he had to leave school again and go do the training he had postponed. Since then I've only gotten to see him for a weekend here or there, only a few times. And now that he's deployed it'll be another 7 months til I get to see him again. I really miss him. I hope he'll have some time after he gets back where there's no training that I am able to spend some time with him.

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1 Response May 11, 2009

is he in the reserves? just because i never heard of someone being able to go back to school after boot unless he he reserves where he only trains once a month.. but yes it's so hard to be a marines other half. it's crazy to think that we can hold on to a relatioship where we may only see our marine 30 days a year. ( and that's a good year) I know how it is i've been with brandon for 3 years from the start i've been through boot , SOI, now he's at his unit and he deploys to iraq in augest which is going to fly by and augest will be here in no time but just think the sooner he leaves the sooner he gets back. i know he has left so he's already coming home sooner! and he will deffinetly be home after deployment. when he first comes home from iraq he will be on base for a little bit to get used to civilian life and then he will be home for about 2 and a half weeks. hopefully he will get that much time. let me know if you ever need to talk good luck! -meg