A Phone Call!!

Jason finally got to call me yesterday! We talked for over an hour!! :) I feel sooo much better now that i know hes ok. Felt so great to hear his voice! Today makes a month that he has been over there. Only 6 more to go!

Jsprincess Jsprincess
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4 Responses Jun 22, 2009

thanks girl. Im barely over a month down. but it has kinda went by fast though lol hopefully the 5 1/2 left will go by just a fast! And i sooo live for those phone calls. lol hope to get lots more! and congrats on making it half way through it! lol

we all joke about how we jump every time our phone rings wishing its our guy, only to be disappointed that its not. But when that day finally comes...nothing can touch you....i'm glad to see you got to hear from him!! those calls make our worlds! hope you get more soon! and don't worry...the deployment will fly by...i'm 3 months down already! at the halfway mark in a couple weeks!! i'm here if you need anything!

Thanks girl! I hope so too!!

Congrats on the phone call.<br />
Hope that u get many more soon! :)