Love The 4am Phone Calls<3

Joshua called last night!! I love those phone calls. Its like my stomach drops when I hear my phone ring at 2, 3, 4am. I live for them now! It feels sooo good to hear his voice. He sounds great!! Says he isn't doing to much over there (afghanistan). Which is a relief!! He has a mission in a few weeks though. I've been sending him motomail like every 2-3 days for the past month and he's only gotten one so far?!?! Why is that? I thought it gets there fast, isn't that the point of it? I sent him an Ipod two weeks ago and he already got that but still hasn't recieved the boxes I sent in the first week of January. Does that happen to anyone else? Is the mail system screwed up, i don't really understand it? Well the phone call made my weekend!! I'm in such a good mood. It was a good 45 min talk. Longer then usual. He got to talk to my son too, which made him very happy. Well, hope you ladies hear from your men :) have a good weekend!!

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I love that! I got one last night and found out he made it to Japan safe and sound!

I love that! I got one last night and found out he made it to Japan safe and sound!

What base in Afghanistan? Is he a Marine?? Josh wont be able to call for about two weeks hes in Marjah right now :( SO WORRIED!!! But Before he left for this mission to Marjah he said he sent me something so im waiting on that!!. Happy Valentines Day! Sucks without them doesnt it?

Isnt that the greatest! My man is in Afghanistan as well and I am hoping for a phine call today. He ususally calls early in the morning around or later in the evening around 7. I got to talk to him two weeks ago for like 40min and that was awesome. I was surprised the phone call lasted that long usually its 15minute calls. Yeah the mail is retty screwede up. I sent him a package around Jan 19th and he recieved it last week. I sent him a seperate letter that same day and he still had not recieved it. When I initially used moto mail it was quick but lately its been delayed.