They Need Lots Of Prayers....

So Josh left to go on his mission  Thursday. Hes in Marjah. I've been trying not to read the paper but always end up giving in. Marjah isn't looking so good, they need a lot of prayers. I know I gotta stay positive but i'm so scared right now. If any of you're Marines are in Marjah now I wish them the best and every marine is in my prayers!! Keep you're heads up, and stay strong girls :)

maryd702 maryd702
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4 Responses Feb 15, 2010

He was at Camp Dwyer but not hes on a different base. I dont know what its called. Hes there for about another 2 weeks maybe and then he goes back to Dwyer. Whats your boyfriends MOS?

what it happen to be the delaram base? my bf is there anfd he too is participating in the marjah operation. I got to talk to him on wed after over two weeks of not hearing from him. I will keep him in my prayers as well. Hoo-rah Marines!

Thanks!!! I talked to him at 3 am and He said he was in Marjah, but now hes on a base thats like 20 miles out. But it was so good to hear from him!!

Thanks! It helps a lot to know that people are going thru similar things. This is all I really have to get things out, none of my friends or family really understand because they've never been in the situation.