Missing My Baby.

my marine is 525 miles away from me and has been for a year now. i have seen him for 2 days in that whole year and i miss him everyday more and more. he is my life my whole world. he will be deploying in may and i am just trying to prepare myself for that.

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

thanks so much. just being able to talk about it helps somedays. he called last night from his base and i just cried (trying to not let him hear me which almost never works lol) i find myself begging him not to go. which it so stupid on my part i knew what i was getting myself into i knew this would happen one day i just didnt ever put it into that point of view. i always tell him how strong i can be and he always said the reason he is so strong is because i am the one holding him up. and i know your marine feels the same. Zack always tells me that God made marines wives/girlfriends the strongest women in the whole world. cause we can be in 2 places at once. part of us stays here at home. but part of us is right by their side. some goes for you if you ever need someone to just listen or talk to feel free to message me too.

i know how hard it is to be away from your marine for so long. mine has been in africa for almost 2 months now and i havent heard anything from him. i miss him more and more every day too, at this point i dont even have to see him, being able to talk to him would be enough for me. david was supposed to get deployed in may as well and while i was preparing myself for that he ended up getting deployed sooner, so my advice to you would to prepare yourself for him to get deployed at any moment because it could happen. i wasnt ready for him to leave when he did but i dont think we can ever fully be ready for our marine to leave as much as we try to prepare ourselves. the fact of the matter is that deployments suck big time and its not going to be easy no matter how hard we try to prepare ourselves for it, but i know that every situation is different. if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to message me.