Missing Him.

my boyfriend, david, has been deployed in africa for almost 2 months. i haven't heard from him at all so that makes me miss him even more. what really gets to me is when my nephews want to talk to him. i have 3 nephews and they just love david. the youngest seems to be the most attached to him. yesterday i was watching a movie with my sister and got out some cheesecake, when he saw it he said: "is that for david? does david like cake? i love david!" it was so cute and completely random because neither of us had been talking about david, but either way it was cute. my sister and i were laughing, but it really made me miss david even more. at least i have cute stories to tell david when he gets back.

yvlovesdg1227 yvlovesdg1227
18-21, F
Feb 26, 2010