I Love This Man

I've been thinking about someone a lot lately. My best friend and I have lost touch a bit due to our chaotic lives. That and my husband has some jealousy issues. He actually got jealous of a gay man......so so silly. Anyhow, well, I got the most beautiful e-mail just now and it made me cry. Damn, I love this man so much.

Of course I put xxxx where names are.

Hello There,

First of all, let me apologize for not being a good friend in the sense of not keeping in touch. Life kind of swept me up (more like a tsunami...lol). But I landed on the shore still breathing.

I was over at xxxxx last night. We were preparing for Flipside. xxx was trying to explain to me the magic that takes place at an event like Flipside and I said, "xxxx, I KNOW what magic you're trying to explain. The day that Angela stepped out of THAT shower...it hit me. The magic took over." To this day I have Botticelli's Birth of Venus as my screen saver because it reminds me of you:) Then I told xxxx, "God I miss her!" So I had to send you an email today to let you know that I think of you everyday and please forgive me for not keeping in touch.

P.S. Tell the kids I said hi:)

I know this seems like a silly thing to post, but I guess you would have to understand the dynamics of his and my relationship to understand. You see, when he and I met several years ago, we both knew that we had met our soul-mate. The connection was automatic.....we knew that we were supposed to be life long friends. Z is the only person that I could always be completely vulnerable with and I always felt safe anytime he was around. I thought I lost him, because his phone was disconnected, but  then I found out he was traveling the world with a boyfriend.

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6 Responses May 10, 2012

always lovely when we reestablish contact with someone we love but thought we might have lost. I am happy for you.

Not silly at all! Good luck.

I think that it is wonderful of him to send that to you. True friends are hard to find - - when you find true ones, hold them close; it is where they belong. Take care :)

Special connections...<br />
You made my heart sigh and my soul sob.<br />
I need to find the right touch and do the right things to get what I want most...and your post brought that thought to my forefront :-) thanks!

I had someone just like this..it is not silly at all! I am glad you were able to connect even in a small way!

Awwww, a beautiful message. I love reading stuff like this and learning about all the special connections folks make and have..... ♥