It's A Good Thing

I used to think it was sad.  That it was so wrong to miss a person, whether it be because they have died or because they've left or you've gone your seperate ways...  I thought it was wrong to have hole in your heart the size of the person you miss, the size of the impact they made on your life, the size on the impact you've made in my life.  But is it really so wrong?

Really, though, show of hands, how many people are missing someone right now?  I don't even have to see you to know it's a hell of a lot.  I can assuredly say that everyone is.  Everyone who has lived.  Because if you have not loved, you have not lived.  If you have not lost, you have not lived.  And nobody feels like they've lost somebody if they never loved them.

And so it brings me back to the point; is it really sad?  I mean yeah, it hurts.  It ******* hurts to miss someone.  Nobody likes having some wretched demon reach their clawed hand into their chest and rip and twist until all that's left is a mangled, throbbing pulp where your heart used to be.  Obviously, not everyone has felt that sort of loss, but lesser versions hurt just as bad.  So we agree that it's painful.  But is it sad? 

I think not.  I have a reason for this, too, so let me explain; missing someone means you have a reason to live.  And that you've experienced something better than anything you could have experienced without this person.  Anyone you miss has given you something; a lesson, time, love, experience; something.  So if you're still around when they're not, you have a reason to keep on going for them.  Even if that person is still alive; it gives you more reason to live on in a better way for them.  You have a reason to fight, because you know what love is and you know what pain is.  You have a reason to fight because you know what living is.  Once you've had a taste of life, pain and love, there's no way you want to give it up.  Not easily.  Not without a fight.

Missing someone means you have those reasons.  Missing someone fills your heart with that sensation of missing, but god damnit it gives you enough fight to keep it going.  To keep their memory alive.  To keep the happy things that person has showed you living on, even if it hurts.  Especially if it hurts.

Sorry for the rambling, but that was my self-expression for the hour.
fadingvioletdawn fadingvioletdawn
18-21, F
May 13, 2012