Yes Her...

I miss her with all my might. She stepped into my life for a brief amount of time but knowing her made my days so wonderful. As we got to know one another it was like peeling back the layers of two lives that had been closed for years. Going from being vague about names and places to learning things about the other that we hadn't told others before, or in a long time, felt good.

She vanished from my life as quickly as she had come into it. Scared, supposedly, that someone had discovered secrets about her and her life as of recent. She is still in my thoughts at night when I go to bed. I would have loved to have met her but alas, it would never happen. Sometimes living in a virtual world and longing from real can be difficult but at times it serves my needs the best.

If you are out there, know that I do think of you. Every night, every day not a moment goes by that I think of those brief encounters we shared. They made an impact and one that I will not soon forget.
midnightcallerman midnightcallerman
46-50, M
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