I miss you so much , I miss all the good times we had together , the smiles and giggles. I miss our endless conversations about anything and nothing , I miss how I could tell you anything that's on my mind and you would always listen to me , and the little fights we have.

But now that your gone how will I survive, how could I easily forget all the memories we build together , why did you go , was I not good enough for you??I wish you knew how much I miss your appearance, if only you knew how much pain you put me through...

I hate you , but I miss you , but I love you but your an idiot that's hard to let goo!!!
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1 Response Oct 20, 2015

I know how you feel . I went thru that also . But if he judged walked away then not the right person . And you will find that again and someone who really is in love with you and you will make all new conversations and memories . Maybe you will find him here one never knows ..