Drifting off
into my tired slumber
with images of you,
your sensual words
teasing me
into lustful dreams

carrying me
into the bright light of morning
reluctantly prying
my weary body from warm sheets
that held the promise of you

I look for a sign
loving reminder
a sexy note
a tantalizing mark
that you were here
that I am yours

will you be back
to wake my heart
quench my desires
or were you just mine
for a short while
my wonderful fantasy

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1 Response Oct 26, 2015

A man, in your life is a fortunate being. Being allowed to wake with you in his arms. Hearing your groan of disappointment as he rises for work. Having to leave your warm bed and body. This is very nice. I love sensuality of it. Great job

Wow.. thats so awesome of you