Shall I Start Us Off?

We all have someone we miss desperately. But what do we do about it? We think about them more, we pine over them, we wonder what they are doing, how they are feeling....and more than likely they are feeling and thinking the same things too.

We've all felt that pain. The heavy feeling you get in your chest, the tightness that makes you catch your breath and makes you realise that love does actually hurt.

The wanting becomes a need. You think that you can't survive without this person, and the longer it is you hear from them, the more a small piece of you dies.

The need becomes an obsession. They take over your life, even though they are not in it at that time. You think about them more than is healthy, you suffer emotionally from not being with them. And soon that emotional suffering becomes physical. You lose your appetite. You don't leave the house, you become depressed.  You can no longer live without them.

But you do live. Because something makes you breathe again. The realisation that you are always together, even though it may seem you are not. You're always in their thoughts as much as they are in yours.

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8 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Mine's leaving in a moment :(

I felt in this story.<br />
It's even harder feeling these things for someone who doesn't want you anymore. :(


I was feeling it earlier, but I'm talking to him now.

I know this feeling.

true! =)

i envy your passion. i havnt felt that way in a long time. when you love someone with everything you can barely function with out them, yeah... its been a while.

hi moo this is very good story.. i enjoy reading it. (((((HUGS)))