We've tied a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree,
actually it was lilac , no oak around so it will have to be,
But it doesn't mean we miss you less,
Being without you causes us distress,
My poetry is crap...but attempting to fill the gap
That your absence had left
Cos we all feel bereft.

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3 Responses Aug 17, 2014

Very Nice from the Heart.

Caring words for a Lovely Woman from a Lovely Woman...

This is lovely Izzy. :o) I wouldn`t say your poetry is crap per se....... but its the thought that counts.

Tap rhymes too.

Later Fred. ;o)

Yes, we miss you Posey! I prayed for you during our Sunday mass, so little that I can do but at least I can keep you in my heart and prayers till you are back with us.

...and didn't I give your story-poem a like? :-P

I know what Posey would say here. You need a spanking. ;-p