I just don't know how I could be so completely misunderstood.. How my every action is scrutinized in the worst possible light... I would like to consider myself kind, loyal, but definitely naive and easily used by people.. When I was making lots of money, I just didn't care.. Money is to be spent. It really hurts when people you care for turn on you, believe in lies.. I know what I define as beauty on the outside, has always been unconventional.. I've always found pale skinned nerdy women with glasses the hottest.. I once knew a guy that just liked large women.. Everyone's different.. Now I noticed one of my friends says she's always misunderstood, so I try with all my might to be a good listener.. I am concerned.. Yet she says I don't care, I did this, I did that... Why do people convince themselves of lies? You would think we would try an understand each other, but she doesent want to be my friend anymore...mor lover... When I was away she fell in with another... I don't blame though...,it was a long time... She needed someone... I do respect her and care
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Dec 12, 2012