I seem to have many stories..but the one that plays out the most at less this time around is my learning disability and the facted that I've been alone my whole life from childhood on its been an endless walk alone in the school house hullways standing in line bymyself on the job bymyself have two kids bymyself having them taken way because I was bymyself......I love me kids...I've been bymyself in a family household as a child that I helped take care from a little person to a marriage were I was .left alone because I.don't have any if singledom means alone all the time from 1972 to 2013 that's me I work hard at not beening alone I go to churchs and schools and stores (malls counts malls) just to see the untouchable to me the people with other people as I get older I think still what makes them different from me than I remanber I've misspelled my own name worng more then one time or another than I remanber that makes me lass of a person its cause for shunning I. Forget becases of my learning disability and becase I look normal kind of like a person on tv...when I gave birth another person come out of they singledom person twice and I just knew I. Would have friends for life..but there 12 and 9 and they live on the other side of town...I've always been like pipie...alone in a house I've tryed to go to school ,but they shunne me I've try to change the rules but they won't let join in the game is new...rednose green skin its not easy being alone...funny wears....I can't hear vowel sounds....brown pipie on the outside of town always with the book upside down...
lostentranslation lostentranslation
Jan 5, 2013