What Do I Want?

Hey everyone. First time on so Ill be short and current...don't feel like digging.

Lately i've noticed that even when i'm being 100% clear in expressing what I want or what I mean I am still misunderstood. It's like playing some type of sadistic guessing game with the people who should know me the most and the people who are closest to me. Its frustrating to say the least.

It's almost a paranoid type of feeling...like everyone is out to screw with your emotions. Lately I have taken to the habit of thinking and deciding how I want to react to people. In the age of text messaging and emails the equivalent would be what i call "conversational chess."

All in all I admit that I naturally think way too much...however, the ease I had in being able to let go, especially with those closest to me, is being destroyed. Hope someone makes sense of this rant.


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I can relate to what your saying and you have been getting some great advice. Check out the HSPs I think you would fit right in.

once more an old post? what was i doing 2 years ago? i didn't know i had a problem 2 years ago. I am misunderstood 90% of the time. It is doubly worse for me because I am a card carrying peoples pleaser.<br />
It makes me angry, sad, doubt-full of myself, resentful, then amused by it all. Unfortunately long lasting after taste is self-doubt. I have been reading up on grammar for crying out loud. The things I do... <br />
Posts like this renews my faith that finding this site was/is a great idea. I don't feel alone.

Do you ever feel like you are the only sane person on the planet......EPers excluded.<br />
<br />

Oh, I understand you ALL TOO WELL, believe me. :-/ Conversational Chess indeed....

I related to this story because sometimes i feel like I'm speaking a different language, from a different world. So now not only would I have to translate, but I would also somehow have to teach you a new language at the same time. And sometimes it`s just too hard to express or describe something you don`t yet understand yourself...

When I got referred to this site, this is the type of discussion i expected. And it feels rewarding. It shows that as people, sometimes, we all feel misunderstood and have different ways of dealing with it. When you can't handle it ... thats when the little devil on your shoulder whispers "Maybe you've finally gone completely bonkers" in your ear. I agree with all of youre comments...seek out the people who dont make you feel that way and love and understand yourself.

Those are the times where you have to just pass it off like the person went deaf, and you just can't get through, sometimes you can't get through, and make it "ok" then go on, if they are going to understand you they will, hope they will but never expect, expectation and disappointment go hand in hand. Over all just work hard at understanding yourself who you are, what makes you unique, write it all out somewhere private for you to see only and pretty soon once you have stuff on paper, you can actually grasp a new understanding, and appreciation for yourself. And most importantly do not be too hard on yourself, this world is hard enough as it is, be your best friend and comfort that inner child after all you have to live with you.. ya know?

I think I understand what your saying. kinda, sorta<br />
There are also ppl who no matter how clear you are in defining your thoughts/feelings, that think they already know what you think and feel i guess, and simply arent listining to what your trying to say. Does that make sense?

Be true to yourself, when we are over concerned about what others may feel/think etc. it can really mess with our energy, I grew up with that intense sadness from it, I know... As a wiser woman of 44, I can truly say when you know who you are and stand with complete pride then others will either follow or fall to the side, who needed them anyway if they do not see the unique beauty in you? Hug a tree love yourself and stand as tall as the tree!!

ditto ;)

I'm "always letting my mouth overload my ***" according to a lot of people but I don't feel that way when I say the things I say. Why are we misunderstood so easily? Could it be a control issue? Why do they take me so seriously?

Really appreciate youre comment. Wasnt expecting something so quick. What you said is really food for thought...<br />
Thank you

Thats pretty deep and I think that people tend to underestimate and misunderstand others a lot. Its sad that sometimes I think those closest to us never really take the time out to get to know us.