I'm Not That Serious

I hate that when I'm not smiling I look unhappy. People automatically assume that I'm serious or upset about something just because I'm not smiling. Or they'll tell me to smile when I'm concentrating on my work!! Like I'm supposed to sit at my desk with with a big smile pasted to my face 24/7 (yes, I work almost that much...) I also think it's because I'm a woman. People don't tell men to smile more, do they? Or ask them if they're upset about something just because they aren't smiling?
People also think I'm quiet. I am when I don't know them or I'm not comfortable with them. But my friends and family know I'm a chatterbox. They ask me what's wrong when I'm quiet for too long (like five minutes!)
CandyAppleRed CandyAppleRed
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1 Response Mar 3, 2007

YEAH!! =( I agree... It's kinda annoying (for me) when my brother starts bugging me, 'what's wrong what's wrong what's wrong' when I dont' smile or I keep quiet. Then he gets all offended and says i'm not telling the truth when I say 'I'M FINE'<br />
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And yeah, people do kinda expect girls/women to smile more. =( twisted vision.<br />
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Hehe... XD <br />
and me too, when i'm with my close friends... I could be the noisest of them all.. XP