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I'm not sure if I'm misunderstood, or misjudged. Maybe it doesn't make a difference, but this is my story:

I've been quiet and shy all of my life. Despite my shyness, I remained fairly active throughout my school years, including being a cheerleader. Crazy, I know, and to this day I ask myself why I did it. I hated it! Standing in front of the entire school, having them stare at me. Why did I put myself through that? Maybe that's where part of the confusion or misunderstanding came from, because despite being a cheerleader, and a girl most would consider to be pretty and popular, I was so shy and insecure. Walking down the hall at school I would have no idea what to say to others. I didn't want them looking at me so I didn't look at them. I got labled "stuck up". I'm sure there's a more current word in today's world. That word was so hurtful, and it was so untrue. My own sister used it against me.

Today I struggle with the same problem and hear words like anti-social, awkward, snobby, *****, etc. If only those people would take the time to get to know me they would see that I have a very soft heart, am forgiving, accepting, and non-judgmental.
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oh ya i can relate...junior high, and high school were a long time ago...but the memories are fresh and clear...i was very shy and quiet too...i was labelled "snob", "b&^ch", "stuck up"....none of them had any idea, i was just painfully shy...

This kind of comment perpetuates the problem, making your anxiety even more extreme. Its sad because you obviously have a lot to give, if people would take the time to get to know you.

Thanks you, Avatarunknown. =)

And I have been like this all my life and some times I wish that I was some body else and there has been a few little of people that can make me fill like there is nothing wrong with me. I hope that people that was in special ed, this filling is normal.

I also can relate to this I am the same why but I got called selfish and a neard and I got told I was scard to open up to people. And people told me that I was sweet and smart and a good girl and my brothers and sisters needed to be like me, when only I'm just realy shy and quiet. I'm the youngest out of my brothers and sisters so I get treated like the baby out of all of them and I am every lade back and I don't go and hang out with alot of people that is because i'm just shy and quiet. So I understand how you fill. I'm glad you shard your story.

Some time introverted is mistaken as shy. There is nothing wrong with being a deep thinker before you take action.<br />
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In todays high paced society there are many who just act now and dam with the consequences. <br />
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When I was in school I was very shy but was the lead on the school swim team. Over time, I was able to grasp my introvered process and learn to project myself. It was not simple, but I did learn that I could also make quick decissions even though they were sometimes wrong. I learned to not second guess myself and accept that it was ok to be wrong.<br />
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Now, some 55 years later and a retired arbitration officer, driver examiner 2, and a Captain in the military I think life is so much fun. I enjoy both th introverted and extroverted parts of my self.<br />
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I wish you the best in your self discovery. Drop me a line sometime if I can help.<br />
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