I'm not always perfect with my words but I never take them back. I just try to clarify. A lot of times people don't wanna listen to the clarification or whatever which is fine I guess. If they wanna let something offend them without listening to my clarification, I'm not gonna stop them. K can write so much better. I think lots of things, arguments included could go better if they were written. Things could be expanded on and corrected. No one would interrupt you mid sentence or talk over you. It's easier to not be misunderstoodto me when there's better or easier communication. Have you ever talked to a bully through writing? I did. It was the only time I'd ever talked mean about a specific person on Facebook. I said she didn't have class and would probably drop out. Well, she didn't have class and later she dropped out. So I guess I was more right than mean. Anyway, my boyfriend and I are an interracial couple in a very racist state. It's easy to pinpoint peoples intentions. I do believe this girl was being racist. I was sitting at a table talking to my boyfriend and she came over there, did a really weird thing, mocking us and then sat back down. I ignored her until she and her friends started throwing stuff. Needless to say, I went back to class pissed off. We had our own little time discussing what to do. I have mad respect for my teacher. I wanted to hurt the girl. My classmates wanted to see me try to hurt the girl. But my teacher insisted I didn't saying that I was too smart for that. And that I should tell someone and let it pass if it persisted. There are many times I wish I'd have confronted people instead of letting stuff pass but I'm actually ok with listening to him this time. That night I wrote the status, found her, then talked to her through message. I asked her why she did it and if she even had a reason. She didn't. And her only reason on why she shouldnt stop was that I wasn't her mama (thank God). Pretty much I told her she really needed to grow up, specifically if she needed her mother following her around telling her what to do. She didn't have much or a response to that. Because it made sense and she couldn't yell or anything. However, the next Day we "talked" again. Not only did she yell in the end, hit the table, and make a show, but she left before I got much of a chance to talk. From that point on, it was squashed. She left school soon after. It stayed with me so well though. When people can't even attempt to intimidate you, and when they're listening to you share rationality, they're forced to think about it. They can't fight it or hide from it. It's as bold as it can ever be. And they're intimidation shrinks. That instance has helped me understand some things much better about people and it's one experience that opened my eyes.
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Aug 2, 2012