Do You Understand Me?

The me of today is rather simple really.

To get a career where she is happy. this is the one puzzle piece that is missing in her life. For a year now she has been chasing that dream. Extra money is started to dwiddle in. What she has worked so hard for, to write.

But she often wonders if this dream is unreachable. If it is just there teasing her from a far saying keep working you will get there. But what if she never does?

Right now, she has lost hope. She has lost hope in herself, in her future, in you.

And she's angry inside. So ******* angry. Angry for the past few years. Angry for where her life has lead her, and angry for all of the hurt of the past.

That for her, her future, is dwindling. And she's almost ready for the rest of the world to scoop her up and throw her out.

Does it get better than this? Than living in this studio apartment? Then being at poverty's end? Then being able to live paycheck to paycheck?

In the past, she had money constantly coming in. She was far too young to truly know the significance of this, and it is in this significance that continues to taunt her 'til the end.

The truth is? I haven't been the same since 2008. The minute I owned a home, I lost everything inside me... and I lost who I was as a person.....

have no worries, she eventually lost the home too.

She is ****** up, a failure, and unhappy all in the same process. Stay away, she warns, for she hurts everyone in her path: family, friends, present company. It doesn't matter. She is meant to be alone.
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

This hurts.

Cause that is my girlfriend.