People Who Do Not Know Me Thin...

People who do not know me think I am cold and unapproachable
gardyngrrrl gardyngrrrl
41-45, F
2 Responses Jan 22, 2007

Life I mean... daah... Life.... I mean life!!! Man, I'm such a retard sometimes but don't I love it!

And yet such a warm statement... such a warm welcome! If you want to write your feelings as if they weren't sitting in the freezer & truly say what you wish to... you should know you are not cold... maybe they are afraid of understanding the truth at all, you are not... then visit the profile I have created... just to say what you feel... not to join some great hooray... I have things to say too... I feel just as cold & harsh as you do in some circles... I'm over that... to be quite honest... live is far to short to give a crap now! Robdog606