I'm Sick Of People Doing This...

I'm sick of people only listening to only part of a word or sentence.You know.The only part they WANT to hear.Like when david howard said someone was acting "niggardly".Which means "stingy" or "miserly".A black man only heard "niggar" and it sounds like "******".But seriously,when you hear someone say "-ly" at the end of a word that sounds offensive if you don't listen to it closely,common sense says you should question the meaning.Fyi,howard got in trouble for saying "niggardly"! People like that other guy make me embarassed to be human sometimes. Why do we only listen to the negative sounding words in a discussion,but not the entire discussion? Do we really want to become victims for the sake of sympathy or financial compensation?People who do that are obviously easily offended and believe everyone is trying to attack them,therefore they start attacking people like crazy.

Sometimes I wonder if people PURPOSELY misunderstand me,leading me under the impression they want a fight just to try and make me feel as crabby as they are.It doesn't work no matter what narcissism and other negativity they send my way.When people actually get it through their heads that I don't throw pity parties they take offense to what I say and assume the most idiotic things about me.I hate it when people misunderstand me.It's not so bad when I put things in a full proof way for an individual who asks.MOst people understand,but there are some people who don't get what I say no matter how simple I put it.I guess people will believe anything they want no matter how much you tell the truth.

ChihiroChan ChihiroChan
Apr 2, 2010