Just A Story Bout Urs Truly

Do you ever just feel like the whole of America hates you (apart from Texas) COS I DO. Every single day of my life I feel like that. All of you people think you got it bad, but the man I love, who's name is Barack is totally turning against me. We used to be together before all of this started, we were so in love, but AMERICA broke us up. I blame you all.
He said I've 'changed' just cos I hate gays and poor people, and children? I mean, nobody likes EVERYONE. God sake. So yeah, basically everyone hates me. And the only thing that gets me through it is my role model and inspiration Adolf Hitler <3 He is what makes me get up in the morning, and drag my hated *** to work (which is currently at Taco Bell). He is what puts a smile on my slightly dis proportioned face :) So u know what? I'm just gonna smile and wave because I know Hitler's on my side :)
But yeah, basically I joined this site because all I want is a friend, maybe someone who shares the same interests as me? (previously mentioned) I feel so lonely since I lost this little election thing, and everyone I ever loved has left me, it really does break my heart being a depressed teenager. Also, I have an addiction, fornication. So if someone could help me out with that, will be greatly appreciated.

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Its OK Mitt, you'll get'em next time.


I wonder how you would react to a similar story about Obama? Oh, no, I don't wonder.


Hmmmm, many of us HAVE figured out Obama, and did so five years ago. Nothing has changed in that regard. Obama is a man-child who was raised under massive muslim/communist influence. He is a total amateur in terms of actually DOING anything. I shudder to think how badly he would have hurt America if he was actually capable. He was selected by the demokkkrats to run for president because, as Joe Biden said, he was an "articulate and clean negro". Or, as Harry Reid said, he was "light-skinned and only speaks with a negro accent when he wants to.". The best part for them was that anyone who expressed disagreement with his beliefs, or challenged his criminal/terrorist/America-hating past relationships could simply be accused of racism. And 95% of the media would back them up.

Governor Romney was a totally know quantity. He has massive experience in business, management and leadership, and has spent his entire life showing strength of character. But, he couldn't beat the media and the fact that Obama automatically got 93% of the black vote. Additionally, the lie that Romney would eliminate welfare and other government handouts was spread viciously by the media. If Obama had the same media "support" that President Bush had, his popularity would be at 10%. If Romney had the degree of media support that Obama has, he would have been at 90%, and would have won in a massive landslide.

You know, this isn't a personal attack, but, Governor Romney was not a "priest". He was a bishop in the church, which any active church member can achieve. I have no idea what you mean by "advanced mormon rites". As an atheist, who has studied many churches, I can tell you that every church has its "rites". I would prefer an atheist as president, but, I don't think that's in the cards. I MIGHT be able to support a muslim who has publicly condemned the disgusting sexism of the Koran and muslim terrorism. But, I don't know of any of those. Romney's "political/social convictions" are 100% admirable. He is a kind, generous, honest, ethical businessman, who has done voluminous things to help others, while also donating many, many millions of dollars to charities over and above his church tithing.

I have to ask you to clarify your last sentence, because I have no idea what you are asking. Bain Capital, who Romney left 13 years ago, has been amazingly successful in taking failing companies, and making them successful, both during his tenure and since.