I Hate Being Called a Mutt!

Many people, even those of Hispanic origin mistake me for being Latina.  I'm actually mostly white and black, with no Hispanic roots what-so ever.  I've been told that the white is comprised of Irish, Austrian, Dutch, and Turkish (lighter skinned).  Then I'm somehow descended from a Cherokee princess (the Cherokee princess doens't have any power, she's just a daughter of a chief, if I'm not mistaken I think that if the Chief dies, power goes to his brother and then down to his sons).  The coloring comes from being a quarter black. 

Telling someone you're a quarter black really confuses people...I don't know if fractions are supposed to be hard or what...but I hate explaining it. 

I hate being told that I'm all black.  No.  I'm almost 3/4 white and 1/4 black, except for that bit of Cherokee.  Plus, who said everyone has to follow your silly one drop rule?

I hate being told I'm not black enough.

I hate being told I'm not white enough.

I hate telling a black person that "I'm part black" after they ask, and they say something like, "Welcome to the club, sister!"...and in some cases even people who I've known for a LONG time will treat me, ans say things, like before.

I hate it when white people find out what I am and say "really"...especially "really?  really?! REALLY?!"

I like it when everyone says, "Oh wow, you're a little bit of everything, how neat!"

I hate it when they say, "oh wow, your like a mutt."...as opposed to what...a pure bred which are worth a lot more?  Don't compare people to dogs...or else why would the B word be offensive?
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same my mom is white(Italian and Irish) my father black I look like I'm Spanish and that's what everyone thinks and are very surprised to find I'm not... I live in a neighbored with mostly blacks and we're called the white family... the thing is I love the fact that I'm mixed race... be proud of who you are...btw I have friends who pick on me to because I have very light skin and call me white girl lol which I don't mind but it does get annoying

Loved this comment:

Great quote from another post: "People look at you and they want to put you in a category right away. It's almost like they want to know exactly what your race is so they can determine how they will treat you, whether or not they want to be your friend. It is especially hard for us mixed people to fit in"

So trueeeee....

I'm Filipino/ Swedish, technically Filipino/Spanish/Chinese and Swedish/English but this identity crisis thing is I guess something that is part of the "mixed" experience. It's not that I don't know who I "am", it's that people have to box people in based on what they look like. It's all a social construct. So what, we're still evolving as a species, that's how this whole stupid "race" thing came about anyways.

Anyways, I've done surveys and 2/3 of people call me Filipino/ Pacific Islander/ Asian and about 1/3 people call me Hispanic/Mexican/Latino. I can speak a bit of Spanish(not native), so I have decided to just say I'm Filipino/Spanish or Filipino/Hispanic and it just makes my life a lot easier. It coincides with what I look like, since when I try and claim "Swedish", I get under fire.

Just choose the one that people think you look the most and call it a day. To be quite honest, I'm really just American, that's it. I don't know anything about "Filipino" culture or "Swedish" culture, that was like a few generations back. The label are for other people. I could care less about all of the politics of "race", people aren't really entitled to know my whole family history and every single ancestor(I don't even know that myself).

The fact that people even have to ask what someone "is" further proves that "race" is just a social construct of politics based on what you "look" like.

Friends do the same to me. I'm part Spanish but my friends even after knowing this -make fun of me and call me Mexican. When it comes down to it, most people are very stupid. They are not cultured and dont get out much. I was raised being into cultures that are not even my own. My dad is from Canada and my mother is Spanish. But I've been exposed to Thai culture, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, European etc. And i love I am more educated like my mother is and open to diversity. People that say negative stuff are just racist and stuck thinking their way is the best.

I take it as a compliment, being called a mutt, because most people don't even notice I'm 1/4 Arab at all and I'm just like, "Damn right I'm a mutt! Egyptian pride!" Plus, as a lover of all things animal I love animal mutts. They combine the best of all their breeds, especially my little sister who is absolutely gorgeous, a cuddly teddy of a dog, and about half pitbull half foxhound. She combines all the best things of her heritage, I combine the best things about mine, and you combine the best things about yours. Stay beautiful sweetheart!

I'm 50% Korean Mother side and a little everything from my Father side, Irish Native- American(Cherokee) Scottish German and Italian. I grew up in NYC, and hated riding the transit systems aka bus train,subway, because people stare. They stared at me so much because,they wanted to know what ethnicity I was; that it got me furious as a kid. I got so fed up, that I would call them out, and they would reply "what are you?". Seriously common I'm human duh...
Then they would be like " Oh No, not that where are you from?" Still my answer would be so straightforward and say " Here!" Last but not least, them " I was asking what nationality?" And I would scream and say American!!
Growing up I wasn't accepted from Caucasians nor Asian people. It was like I was a disgrace that I was half mixed.
As a infant I've looked more Korean but,now I guess my father side of the gene pool is starting to kick in. I have light brown hair and a curvy body frame (hourglass/pear) that people mistaken me as Hispanic and treat me horribly. I love how people are yet so judge-mental especially when I live in the most diverse city in the world.
I remember when Smallville an T.v Series, (based off from superman) came out, everyone related me to Kristin Kreuk ( half mixed) girl, that this is when boys where like " Mixed Girls are Hot" * roll-eyes* and Half white half asian became a thing.
Having a Korean mom is difficult, cause I'm Not A CHOPSTICK, and in Korea I'm considered fat. Having mostly asian friends, some of the girls would say to me "ohhh your lucky u have a double eye crease and a american nose.# I didnt know how to respond really, I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way. But sometimes I wished I had asian eyes cause they look exotic like a tiger shape. Its funny cause now the Bratz doll company have the girl dolls eyes slanted.
I used to be called twinkie, egg , jampong, mutt, hapa..( i'm not Hawaiian) u name it.
Errr such a crisis... still till this day on certain forms when they ask please mark one Enthicity, I just leave it blank.
I just ignore these people and have to deal with this identity crisis all my life. Ohh wells

I am all European yet I'm still a lot of diffrent things. On my moms side I'm Irish, Sloveinian and Welsh, well on my dads, thats a different story. I'm German, French, English, Croatian, Irish, Sloveinian, Dutch, Native American, and Scottish. Here are most of the percentiges i know of: 6% Dutch, 50% Irish, 11% German, 3% French, 18% Sloveinian, and 9% English. Most people are only of two different heritiges.

i hate being mixed. i'm half japanese and half white. even when people don't mean to be offensive or hurtful, it annoys the CRAP out of me when they say or ask certain things like, "what are you?" "wow, you look more like this race!" "you are definitely more white!" "it's good to be different" (like really? my RACE is what makes me different, not my character?) "you looked more asian as a kid but you look more white now" "mixed people are so much prettier(the person may be trying to give me a compliment by saying this but idk it's hard to explain it just bothers me, like i just don't like it..)" "OMG you speak fluent japanese?!" i basically just hate people discussing what i look more like or just talking to me about it in general, like just leave me alone about it. people who aren't mixed just don't understand. "just accept yoursel for who you are!" like duh! im tryin to! and i know im always gonna be mixed, it's just one big identity crisis for me, and i don't like those insensitive comments. i don't like it when people tell me im more white cuz i want to choose my own identity, not them tell me which one i am more of. and i also hate it when theyre like, you embrace your asian side more obviously cuz you love japanese dramas and songs. ugh. am i not allowed to just like things from both my cultures? like why is it so important to look more like or act more like another? i seriously hate race. let's all just be humans for once..ugh

i hate it too..

White black n Chinese lol

My biological father was Native american and african american, and my mother is German and Irish. My mother married my step-dad (a caucasian man) when I was little and ever since I can remember people have been racist against me. My two older brothers who are white used to tease me and call me names like oreo and tell me mean racist jokes.. When I started school, people constantly asked me if I was adopted, and told me I was the whitest black girl they knew.. But tbh im more white than black, and im native american too. I cant even name all the guys that wouldnt go out with me because I was colored. Im not even ugly! Im actually kinda pretty... Once one of my friends in middle school told me I was black and I started explaining all I was mixed with and ill never forget she said "but people see u as black". Ever since then ive been very aggressive and sensitive about it. I absolutely HATE when people ask me what race I am. im always answering DOES IT MATTER? And that usually shuts them up. People say I look spanish, and some people say they cant tell what race I am. But I couldnt give a **** less. I am who I am, and my heritage doesnt make me. My actions do. So it shouldnt even cross your mind unless ur some racist jerk. I honestly NEVER question or even notice race. So why does everyone else?

Woooow that sounds just like me!!!! I think I'm the only one!!! People walk up to me and ask are you mexcian? It drives me nuts and have to explain no i don't have a lick of spanish in me! I'm mixed of Black and white with alittle Idaiain. Mixed people some how know I'm not spanish but for the rest think I'm some "mexican" hanging out with the black people. Drives me crazy.

From my experience, lower-middle middle classed 30+ aged white women change the subject as soon as possible once the subject comes up, if it even does or I volunteer the information. Lower class white women don't care, they just care how I behave (masculinely is good, not is bad) and upper class white women show disdain. White men don't care either way, they just know it's not white. Black women usually show interest or if they have a high opinion of themselves they revert to the masculinity factor (behave masculinely and they like me, etc.), and black men show one of jealousy, spite, indifference. And I don't spend enough time around any other ethnicities to know or care what they think. Although I did meet a heavily prejudiced Chinese fellow at a local indie concert of a up and coming mainstream UK artist.

It has stopped bothering me. I actually find it a great convo starter at bars. "Hiya, I'll buy you a drink if you can guess my heritage". Trust me, you'll never fit in, so don't bother. Revel in your uniqueness. Besides, we are better-looking than everyone else ;)

its ok. im mixed too. i really get fed up with being called a mutt. people are just so ignorant. its like almost no one will accept me. my mom died, and her family wont accept me because im part black, and my dad's side probably thinks of me different because im part white. people always say, oh your black. so they stereotype me with stereotypical black people. and some people like this think that black people are dumb. well, to all of those ignorant racist *****, i dont give a **** whether or not you think im dumb, because basically everyone i know thinks im smart. so yeah. GO MIXED PEOPLE, NOT MUTTS

im a quarter jamaican and british but born in canada............when i lived in kingston jamaica wit my grandad nobody questioned race they made me feel a part of life especially the rastas i hung with when i came back to canada everyone one wanted to fight cause i had an acsent and dread locks i was banned from school perminently cause of my previous rep but the last school told my mother my english was poor...................people ask are u mexican cuban aborigonal or semoen i dont mind it cause i admire those cultures but when they find out im a quarter jamican they say but im white and im darker then u or they say your just a watered down verson.............when i get vitamin d i get quite dark but im on medication that messes wit my skin and i dont sun tan.............my mothers the same as bob marley but when she grew up in england everyside hated her........now half casts are the in thing just like reggae and rasta culture.............i personally dont like being mixed it seems like a curse ....................cause everyones an expert on culture now......i would rather we all just be humans from planet earth...............not put on a scale or measured for worth.........on a real tho white people always say the dumbest ****...........thats my experence they always chopped me down.............peace jah guide all mixed breeds

I get mistaken for Mexican a lot. I'm mainly Black, Native American and White.<br />
<br />
I think that rule is dumb an I agree. Like No I'm not. You could be less than a quarter and still people will say so. It all depends on the person though. I have friends who would say that and I say no, they know and it for some reason gets on my nerves. Throughout high school a ton of black people would always ask "are you mixed" or "what are you?" Once in my last semester of college a black girl asked if I was white and I was surprised..she said it because of my hair...<br />
<br />
I respect my black side as well as everything else. I'm actually writing an essay about this for my English class.