I Am A Mixture

my grandfather on my fathers side was black dutch (very light skinned African american) my grandmother is full Osage native American and my mother is 1/2 Irish descent and 1/2 Cherokee...I identify more with my native american ancestry,I have very dark brown hair almost black and a round Osage face but my skin is pail with full African American lips.I don't really feel like I fit in anywhere sometimes
MrsMurder MrsMurder
3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

you sound very beautiful to me. i am always amazed how the human race improves in beauty at least in each new generation. like you should see how cute my neices and newphews are and their parents are mostly dogs. (just kidding, they arent too ugly)

I guess,I had better straiten up then....

Well, Im Swedish, German, English, Scots, Spanish and who knows what else. Everyone on the planet is of mixed race if they look deep enough. Of course you fit in and any more of that kind of talk I'll give you a spanking!