I Am Peruvian And Dominican

I am half Peruvian and half Dominican my father is from Peru ( very light skinned) and my mother is from Dominican Republic (dark skinned).
I struggled with my racial identity growing up because I am dark skinned but speak what some would say "like a white person" and I do not speak 
Spanish which is my parents native language and I was raised without a Spanish culture because my parents did not want me around Spanish speaking people for whatever reason. Other kids would ask me what are you?  Though I would eventually learned to say Hispanic I really didn't know what that
really meant . It really bothered me for black kids to consider me white because I spoke like a white person and white kids would consider me black
because I am dark skinned and there were a lack of Spanish kids in my school early on. For the most part I was accepted more by white kids than black kids and I really did not like being told by the black kids you talk like a white person (as if there was something wrong with me). So here I am in my thirties
now married to a very white women of German and Irish heritage. I can say, though I am in my thirties I have often wrestled with the racial conflict that 
the ignorant and discriminating cause me to deal with. I am happy that it seems for the most part that people are becoming more racially tolerant and 
understanding and that racially diverse couples are growing.  Please feel free to share any of your experiences with me.
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I am also Dominican and Peruvian. My father is a light skin Dominican, and my mother is light skin as well. I was raised by my mother's side of the family, but as I grew up I learned more about the Dominican culture. I had a bunch of dominican friends growing up, but no peruvian friends. I live in New York that's why. I would never fit in with the Dominican side though because I didn't look" Dominican" . Not all Dominicans have to be dark skin with bad hair -_- . When I finally met a couple Peruvian people, I wasn't peruvian enough for them either. -_- It was like where do I fit in? To me, I think that I am a beautiful mix. I just hate the stereotypes and judgement especially when I was younger.

I am also if Dominican/Peruvian decent. My mother is Dominican with a brown complexion and my father is Peruvian with a light skin tone. I grew up with my mother so I consider myself more Dominican then my other half. That does not mean I am not proud if what I am. I am half Peruvian, the image in the Mirror confirms that 100%, but the way I speak and act is a typical Dominican. I know nothing of my Peruvian culture except for little things. Other Hispanics have different opinions of me. Dominicans say I speak as if I'm from South America while Peruvians say I have a funny accent and speak to fast. Dominicans say I'm a fake Dominican because I don't do what they do and Peruvians don't consider me Peruvian because I know nothing of them. Black people accept me more than the white community does but that doesn't mean that they don't. Because you were lost and couldn't speak up for yourself you let them put you down like that. I am not fake, nor do I let their comments make me deny my identity. I am mixed. And I'm proud of it. I am Incan/Taino. No matter who I am with or where I am I will embrace my cultures. It's a rare mix, Dominicans and Peruvians. In my opinion we are a beautiful mix. Don't ever be ashamed of it. The Hispanic culture is mixed, and full of orgullo. Embrace it.

Old as hell, but were you really that much in denial of just saying you were Latino? You'd have to have grown up eating plaintains, yucca, papas rellenos, mofongo, and listen to boleros or bachata.

The beauty of being Latin is, it isn't a race. You're a black Latino. A perfect representation of what being Hispanic is. You should embrace your Peruvian/Incan and Dominican/Arawak heritage. Its what being Latino is about, a mix if ancient cultures, now represented in you. I hope you've learned that in the 3 years you posted this. Quit trying to negate your culture, not just race. You're not white, black, or mestizo. You're Latino/Hispanic.