Dont Fit In..

To all of my mixed people out there:

The root cause of our problem is we're trying to fit in. Obviously, we were not born to fit in ( you can tell by looking at us). What is fitting in? Being average, average is 70%, a "C." Below average is 69 and below; it's not wise to be average.   Who wants to be that close to mediocrity? Lets buy-into a healthier state of mind, being unique. The true goal in life should be reaching our full potential, 100%.  That means having the courage to reach 90-100, an "A."

We have to set high standards in life.  There's no point in experiencing pain if you don't get a reward from it.  We can't fit in...SO WHAT.  Lets embrace STANDING OUT :)

Lets focus on being "A" students in life...
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2 Responses Aug 25, 2012

i was troubled about this earlier today...i felt sad. i know we are unique and that makes us beautiful, but i was sad coz i really wanna fit in. i'm tired of guys saying they love me yet all they love is the fame of having a near white girlfriend (i live in Africa), sometimes i have realy bad days, i just wanna crawl into bed and cry my eyes out!!

It's a learning curve... some are just harder than others. As I get older I realize that EVERYONE goes through SOMETHING. Sometimes we become so obsessed with ourselves we forget other people have problems too. I challenge you to open yourself up to people, tell them how you feel. You have to do uncomfortable things to make progress... otherwise, how do you expect to grow?

Were punished for being different. But is cool I embrace it. I love it. MUTT POWER!