Find A Starting Point And Build On It...

Hello everyone,

To begin, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this story.  If you made it to this point (joining EP [reading this]), that proves you have the courage, and desire, to do better.  At this moment in time, I felt it was "necessary" to record my thoughts.  Earlier today I was privileged to hear a message that challenged me to "exceed expectations."  I applied that to being mixed.

My expectations for myself are to be comfortable in social settings (dealing with all forms of attention [positive/negative]), overcome the pain of being teased, and to embrace my uniqueness.  That means after all of the issues with identity, low self-esteem/confidence, and problems with "fitting in," I get a reward from the experience... I will remember that I am somebody, and I am important.

I'll show them (anyone who is looking) my best sides.  If I'm not "pure" enough, I'm "mixed" enough.

Being mixed is bitter sweet, we have been given an opportunity to learn how to embrace peoples' differences, ahead of the learning curve.  I think mixed people have to "remember" themselves.  We go through a period where we get lost in the criticism, and question ourselves.  We "try" to fit in, but it never works.  All we do is get further, and further away from "what" we are; away from our uniqueness.  However, I do think that process is necessary; it builds character.  From pain, we have understanding; life happens inside out.  That unhappy world is created by our mispercetion. The pain will ALWAYS be there, but, it doesn't have to be in the same form.  Embrace it, turn that misguided energy into something beautiful. The confused, damaged, unconfident person who shied away from social adversity, can turn into a being that will connect, understand, and reinforce.

Sometimes we have to take the road less traveled to make progress. With that said, I know my starting point.

"What I am Vs. What I should be"

No matter how small the step towards progress is, it's worth it; slow steady progress.

Build on a strength, correct a weakness.
set4life87 set4life87
22-25, M
Sep 7, 2012