What Am I?

So, my biological father is black with cherokee heritage and my mother is English/German. I have grown up in Australia in a white family and am trying to come to terms with looking black but feeling white.
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Why do blacks ALWAYS try to claim to be native american, you are not cherokee, you are seminole, A tribe founded by florida natives but the majority is made up of run away slaves.

Not exactly, there wasn't a specific tribe that made up the majority of the seminoles, which is why i say the majority of blacks were apart of the seminoles. This not including the Cherokee, as they were moved to Oklahoma on the trail of tears.

The blacks made up most of the seminoles i mean*

you should move to the united states... you would be a hot commodity!

color does not make the person; just like true beauty, it is who you are inside that matters.

If you were here in the states I would call you an american,to me if your a careing beautiful person it does not matter. I love to see girls like you, usually you have a beautifull skin tone! I was in the Navy for 8 yrs and have seen some beautiful bi-racial girls. Lots of luck!!