Glad to be mixed!

I'm happy to see there's a forum for talking about what it's like to be of mixed race. I've peeked at a few stories here already and I'm looking forward to sharing some of mine.

Through my father's side: Ashkenazic Central European Jew. Through my mother's side: Native American, Scottish, and French. Where I grew up, there were people of other ethnicities. However, the main culture was Southern Anglo Protestant. People of backgrounds other than the dominant culture tended to be marginalized to varying degrees. This meant, I felt, that in order to succeed you had to be acceptable within these cultural filters. I grew up in a middle class suburban neighborhood and "passed" as "white" with a "dark look" (dark brown eyes, wavy black hair, etc). I generally avoided the topic of race and simply just wanted to be me. I felt quirky enough to not need additional labels or expectations.

Sometimes it can be a little frustrating. I have always wanted to simply be known as this unique individual, quirky, eccentric, etc. I used to think I just wanted to be race-free. However, I realize I get irritated when people assume I'm simply "white". No, that has not been my experience, lol.

As an adult, I live in a more diverse, urban setting. I've been craving some good conversation with other people of mixed background. What has your experience been like? Did you struggle with identity issues, etc.? I look forward to posting more on this topic.

I am realizing that I think I want to embrace the fact that I'm MIXED! I am finally seeing that mixed is beautiful. Is this a common attitude on this blog?
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Me too!!! When i look in the mirror i don't see a race I see me!!!!