People Call Me "Half Cracker Wagon Burner".

I am half Native American half Irish. I have never felt like I belong to one race or the other, but it seems like people try to make you choose...I can't. I participate in Pow Wows, but have potato soup and soda bread on St. Paddy's. I am extremely proud of both of my heritages, but find pressure to identify with one. I do not think that I should have to, since I am equally both. None of my friends understand this. I hope some of you out there do.


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How dare someone call you such a racist terminology. Ignorant people such as these, are so ignorant they can't tell the difference between what certain ancestors of an ethnicity have done and the personal individual. People are prejudice, but remember its all about response. You have a right to respond to ignorance and silence the ignorant.

i do i'm mixed and i'm latino. aka white latinos hate mixed or darker skinned latinos.
just express both and if they pressure you to chose, just say, "i can't because i'm both." don't deny one half and forget what society because majority of Americans are not pure anything. I'm mixed with Lebanese, European, Jewish(if you consider Jewish people a race) black and native american. i express all and not care what others think of me. THIs SOCIETY is full of ****!!!!

I understand! :(

My granddaughter is half Danish and 1/8 Spanish, 1/8 French and 1/4 English. Everyone assumes she is Asian. But there isn't an ounce of Asian in her. She doesn't mind, though. She knows who and what she is, and as she she small she is just glad there are decent Asian clothing stores around, as they are the ones where she finds clothes that fit properly.

It's not just race, it's EVERYTHING in life that people want to put in a category or box...politics, music, body types, class. The list goes on and on. I don't even know what nationality my dad's dad's family was, but I'm part Irish from his mom. On the other side of my family, no fewer than three other nationalities. I'm an American!

be proud of who are.... and never let anyone dictate who you can or cant be.... you are the author of your own life!

It's the whole "little boxes" thing. It's cause by a small mind. People can't think outside the box for themselves, so they want to package everyone else into one, label it, and file it. It takes more effort to accept each person they meet as a complete human being.

i know how you feel. people can't tell my race,i've had latin,asian oriental and indian,arab ect. When they find out i'm half black it's like they change around me. everyone presumes i must like black guys when really they're not usually my type. alot of half black girls get called black but because i don't talk or act like they expect a half black person to,they don't call me black.

Well, it is, but if it wasn't race, they'd box you for some other reason. It's that "if you want to beat a dog any stick will do" thing. People are lazy. If they have to take you as is, whole, it bothers them. Much easier to box, label, file away......and then stick to people just like them. <br />
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I've been through this with my daughter. People come right out with it and ask what race she is. They get really annoyed (discomforted) when I refuse to answer. If they have no good reason to ask, they're not going to find out, and that's that. <br />
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The most outrageous one was when she first started school. A group of "white" (they sure look beige to me) girls asked her where she came from and when she said "England" they decided that made her white too, despite all appearances to the contrary, and therefore she could join their clique. She was considered worthy. At 6 years old if you please. Ha! <br />
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I'm proud to say that my young daughter told them where to shove it, that if their little group was that exclusive she wanted no part of it.