I Want to Known My Cuban Heritage More

Hey my name is Ja'juan and this been on my mine for a while. Well my mom is half Cuban half African and a little bit of Cherokee Indian and my dad is pretty much African but have native Indian for his background. That's my whole heritage that i known about. Since my mom is mix with Cuban and African but she was brought up in black culture but never grow up in Cuban culture. I have Cuban flags in my room and neck less and a key chin that say i love Cuba but never grow up in the Cuban culture just read about the Cuban culture. Does that gave me the right to represent my Cuban heritage? Because alot of people even Spanish people ask me if am Spanish or mix but i always tell them that my mom is half Cuban and African American. Am not trying to be what i am  not. AM a black man but just got Cuban in my blood. And plus i never met my real grandfather he's full Cuban and my grandmother that is half African and Cherokee Indian she left him and its been 25years since my mom saw him. And i always try to get to know him because he my grandfather. And i just feel that am missing part of me bcuz i don't known my Cuban roots yeah i read  books about it but its not the same when you not around your Cuban relative. I just feel left out. I pretty much grew up and a black and puerto Rican culture because i have a Godmother that is from puerto Rico and i LOVE HER TO DEATH LIKE SHE IS MY ,MOM WAIT SHE IS MY MOM LOL SHE MY 2END MOM and i have a uncle not blood related but knew me since i was a infant so i call him uncle Angel and his wife Angie my aunt and uncle and there two children that are my God brother and sister. And i am trying to meet sum Cuban folks so i can learn more about the Cuban culture in person. I love learning about my heritage and Cuban is one of them :) But thank you for reading this long *** letter lol but if u have question or anything to ask me don't be scared to ask i won't bite lol God bless


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I was born in Havana in 1947, I'm 65 years old and left Cuba in 1969. I would love to know about my heritage. My father was a professional car racer, his name was Oscar Napoles, I'm his only child but I'm sure he had more children. I would like to know if I'm right and if so, where are they or any other family member from my dad side of the family Napoles.I live in Calgary, Canada. I never went back to Cuba since 1969,but now my sons want to know all about their cuban heritage.

Glad to know there are people like me out there. My father is full Cuban. Even though he was born and raised in America, spanish was his first language. My grandparents came to the US around 1940 and became legal in 1970..I believe. I have several Cuban relatives that live in Miami and New Mexico. Since my parents are separated I grew up with my mother who is African American. So I grew up around the "black" culture here in Brooklyn. I stand out a lot on my mothers side. I have naturally long thick hair, very fair skin and hazel eyes. Whereas everyone is a little darker than me shorter hair and dark eyes. Even though I wasn't taught how to cook traditional cuban meals and I don't eat it that often due to my location for some reason its in my blood. It comes naturally. Any cuban dish you want I got you! You should be proud of your culture no matter what. Its in your blood.

Thank you very much for reading my story. Your not alone luv there alot of people out there just like us. Am sorry to hear that my parents just separated not to long ago am living with my mommy till i get my own place so i feel you on that Yeah a lot of people mostly islanders can tell that i have some island in me and they ask me question like what island are you from and i tell them that i have cuban in me and they tell me(oh yeah i can tell by your face) lol But most of my cuban side has greenish eyes and sandy paper blond hair and my mom had the sandy blond hair when she was a lil girl. But my grandpapi he's a veteran world war II and also he a blue glove boxer too. I wounder i love boxing when i was little because my grandfather was a boxer and my dad was a boxer...yeah i have cuban relatives in Rocester NY that's were mostly my cuban relatives live at and my grandpapi and i have a aunt that live a few hours away from me from tampa florida. Found out that my mom been talking too and keepin contact with her half cousin on my dad side and they work together so am kinda excited to find out more about my cuban family. Yeah am very proud of my culture we have a very long history and culture.We have to teach our future children about african slave coming down to america and how they were miss treated and teach them about our spainish heritage and where they came from. But what's your name luv? I will def keep you in mine i havent had a good cuban coffee and a while lol mybe you can hook a brotha up with sum cuban coffee lol. But am sorry if this long i haven't been on this over 2 yrs. Hope to talk to you some more.

OMG there are others out there like me...My father is half cuban -half african american, my grandmother was full cubana but died before i could meet her (I am named after her:)..but all cuban roots seemed to have dissolved. I look black and most spanish people look at me weird when i can partially understand :) what they are sayin and then i explain about my background...and they say oh....but on the grand scale of things there are alot of black spanish peoples throughout the worldCuba Dominica, brazil, panama, amongst others that have a few peeps that are even darker than me...in the meantime i am planning a trip to cuba via canada since its the only way to go...and practicing my spanish....<br />
<br />
brooklyn cubana aka negrita

Hey sorry it took me so long to get back to you i haven't been on this more then 2 yrs. I'm sorry to hear about your big lost. My mom middle name is named after my cuban grandfather mother Louise. Yeah especially afro cubans...yeah the same with me i can understand what they are talking about if i put the words together and they kinda talking normal not super soinc fast lol. But yep i am a black man but have cuban blood in me.And when people say your a african american i say to them am a black man in america because am not just a african american am other stuff too. Yep were're are all over the world there even black mexican sumwhere in the country mexico. But i want sooo bad to vist my heritage my ancestors that is africa and cuba. But i want to take a trip to those two place before i die. I need to practice my spanish too and its good when they don't know you speak and understand them they be shock lol But yeah what's your name luv? But i hope to chat with you soon :-) take care tell me about cuba if u ever go okay.

I am cuban & am searching for my cuban grandfathers roots. he was Qscar Soto, attorney, and advisor to president Machdo. He died in 1948 in cuba. he had a black mistress and children from this relationship. This was not known until his funeral. I am his grandaughter. I knew him. I loved him.I want to know my black aunts & uncles in cuba. I have had no luck in locating information.He led 2 lives. Does anyone know of him. piccolome@al.com

My story is almost EXACTLY the same. My mother is 1/2 black 1/2 cuban. Cuban on her father's side, but since he left her family, she doesn't associate with him or the culture. My grandmother on my father's side we believe to be mixed African and Cherokee. I do not know anything about the Cuban culture other than what I've read, which is very little.

True i known a lil bit of my cherokee side a little bit i heard i do have cuzn and aunts on that side but i've never my mom mention there names that much just the cuban side pretty much.. But i would love to meet my cuban and cherokee side very much that would be a big,big wedding if i had all of them and was close. But its good to known a lil about your heritage don't stop searching. :-)

I'm kind of in the same spot with my Blackfoot ancestry. I'm also Cherokee and Greek, but my grandfather was full Blackfoot. He didn't even know it when he was alive, it was something that my grandmother discovered after he died. He also left when my dad was very young, so I never met him. I'm learning Tsalagi, the Cherokee language, and when I started I thought about learning Siksika (Blackfoot) as well, but wasn't sure if I should because of how little I've been exposed to that culture.

you have the right to be proud of your heritage <br />
all aspects of it<br />
<br />
you are also very lucky to know your heritage and your family tree

thank you :-)