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I call myself a Guinness. there's a reason the beer is so dark. Black/Irish
Let me tell you, it's a priceless experience being the only Black person at an Irish bar, and then explaining yourself and you're like some long lost sister. I tend to think it only works cuz I'm a girl. As for the reverse, me telling Blacks I'm Irish makes them think I want to be White. Go figure.
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2 Responses Aug 5, 2007

Yeah, Black people do tend to get mad when you claim your other races. They think it's some sort of "self-hate" thing... but I look at is a more of a pride thing. I love my Cherokee and Puerto Rican Backgrounds just as much as the Black. I don't know much about the Scottish, but I feel like it's important for me to find out. But I agree with the person above me... the "one drop" rule is stupid. I identify as Black because I am, in my eyes, Black. But that doesn't mean that everything else cancels out. I think it's far more interesting to have more than one culture.

I know what you mean.. on my dad's hald im black irish and native american... and if i mention the irish and native american part... it's the black people that usually get that bitchy mmm hmm look on their face. Like "what are you bragging?" The funny thing is, Im also mixed majority japanese and so people never even guess than Im mixed with black... and when I explain myself, some people even say, "so you're black." which is funny. Like the rest of me is cancelled out becase Im like a quarter black. I only get this from black people... and they don't seem to realize that this is ecatly what white people used to do in this country against them. One drop of black and you're ALL black.<br />