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I am half Puerto Rican, half German. I appear to be caucasian. Some years ago I met a co-worker's husband who was the same mix--except he looks Puerto Rican! I've really hated the line on so many forms that asks for race....I haven't wanted to deny either part of myself.

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Its nice to hear someone is sticking up for both sides of his/her identity.

Thank you both :)

Yes. Why should "race" be on forms. If it's for medical reasons I suppose it's okay, but I would just cross out the the other stuff and write black/white/yellow, or Irish/French/Chinese!

My grand daughter is mixed white and African American.<br />
The school just sent a form home last week asking for the children's race. It had Latino, White, Black, American Indian and that's it, no other, no nothing! WTF? I chose white because she lives with the white side of her family but I hate having to designate anyone.I just don't get that. When I do fill out a form and it asks for my race, I choose "Other" and write in Human Race! I don't see race, I see people.

Right! And thank you for your comment.