Im Mixed...pyshically and Emotionally:s

Okaii Ill first start off with saying that im half white and half black with a little bit of chinese. My mom is black and my father is white. My mothers mom is chinese, though. My skin is a very bright ..Im coffe mocha i guess... My hair is 3b curly (very swirly) and is medium dark brown with a little dirty blonde/mocha/coffee highlights. It stops in the middle of my back.  But the thing is my little cousin..who has the very same type of parents...has straight hair! Its very long and wavy. I dont know how he has it cause he is the same mixed as me...but its probably the male/female thing i guess lol

The next part i guess is that i dont know if im white or come on seriously whenever im registering for always has..."ethicity" (dont even kno if i spelled ot correctly haha)...but yeah im quite confused:S


Aso people look at me is she trying to be white..and is she trying to be black..they dont know that it hurts...

Remi4171 Remi4171
18-21, F
Jun 26, 2009