All Mixed Up :d

Well, I'm a Filipino citizen but I'm quite mixed. My parents both have Spanish blood (I'm not sure on my mother but she has white Caucasian skin); my mom looks like a bit Chinese, Japanese, or Korean because of her small eyes, and her mom is kinda petite so I think I'm kinda right, her father has a white skin too and when I searched their surname- it's Irish :P. My dad is surely 1/4 Spanish, he has the same skin color as my mom then but because of living in a temperate country, he got tanned; his dad's mother is pure Spanish. My dad has a very pointed nose which I didn't get :P and He is 6'0 tall, well I got his height spurt 'coz I'm the tallest in the family. My cousins are pretty tall too, especially the male ones no one is shorter than 5'11 so it's pretty cool for them. In my case, my sister got her height from my mom's genes so she's just 5'2, I'm 5'5 (and I hope still growing). I have a white skin but of different shades because I'm always under the sun, curly hair, brown eyes. Well I'm proud of being mixed, 'coz I can be of different worlds, and I hope I could catch up with my relatives in Spain.

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I dunno, well same race marriage is pretty cool, but it's up to them I guess. :P