A Slave Of A African Soul

 Hi, may who reads my life story be bless to the fullest. I will keep it short and sweet so that it wont be long or tedious.

I was an outcast said to be a burden but God knows I came into this world to be save in gods kingdom. Many people have said

disgusting things about the color of my skin my features and even my texture of my hair. Lets just say a girl who has not

seen her father in 6 or more years. has been emotionally ridiculed my relatives. and has heard yelling since she

was five years old and may have even been physically emotionally and mentally abused. Moreover, if you see me and the

A's on my report card you would have never have strict me as having a crappy life. I make it seem nothing is wrong;however; I

give smiles of happiness but really feel from the inside an ocean of tears. i make people laugh. and yes i sure is  gorgeous

but i pray every night that i will become like a eagle ready effervescently to dance with the sky. To be continued.....

jamaican33 jamaican33
13-15, F
Feb 17, 2010