It's An Addiction.

    When I was in middle school, showing clevage was okay with me. I didn't care if people looked at me or anything. When I was leaving middle school, and going into high school, i never wore shorts, and hardly wore shoes that showed my feet. Then i started to layer clothes. I would wear long-torso shirts so my back would never show, and if my shirt shrunk in the dryer, i would refuse to wear it.

    I am a sophomore in high school now, and I can't stand it when I am not wearing layers, I can't wear things that show too much of my chest. I always wear socks, and a long jacket so my back never shows. I am admired for my mystery, and fashion.

    Modesty is becoming more of an addiction to me. Modesty makes me feel comfortable and secure. With out modest clothes i am a wreck and insecure. I am sure that a modesty addiction is not bad. But i worry that one day i will be too modest, for example; only showing my eyes, and hands.


Moonchild7 Moonchild7
1 Response Feb 21, 2009

i don't think i am modest at all