No Matter What....

   I have always been faithful. I'm definitely a one man woman. I have never liked the idea of cheating. If you find yourself straying from the one you are suppose to love, then you need to move on because you can't love that person enough.

     I'm still being faithful and Shane's been gone for 3 months now. We never really said "It's over", so I feel like I'm not really single. I won't be able to let go until he tells me it's done. He left for a few reasons, but I just can't let go....



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2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

I am faithful to my husband and I feel that is the way it should be. But you do need to move on. Maybe if he's not going to say it's over you should. Hope you feel better:)

thats how i feel. if you want to be with someone else then you shouldnt be with the person you're with. but if you and him are not together then maybe YOU should be the one to let go. tender is right. you deserve happiness too.