I Have Bad Mood Swings

Sometimes i have really bad mood swings.

Anything can trigger it, even the smallest things. It's quite annoying because i always seem to take it out on my fiance, who's getting fed up of my moodyness.

I can't help it though. i try and be happy but it doesn't always work.

Maybe i just need to chill?

i don't know. any help out there?

LawRaJayne LawRaJayne
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

this is how i have felt for the longest time (during college even! damn...). I am a very fortunate person, good body image, great girlfriend, good surroundings, and im healthy. I have no reason to feel the way you do but it still happens. What makes it emotionally lethal (to myself and others) is that i feel like i SHOULD feel this way. its so melancholy. I feel awesome and then it starts from something anecdotal that kind of makes me disappointed (it should stop there) but it develops into this monster that i cant control. I was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder. instead of mania and extreme depression it is characterized by dysphoria (like you and i feel) and then euphoria (the happy go lucky feeling). The main thing that should be done to treat this is a mood stabilizer (such as lamictal). The medicine helped me so much that i made amends with my body image and contempt for myself. I still get the feelings you describe, such as right now.... which is why i found this website. even typing about it is helpful. just let it out. the vicious cycle happens when I start to wonder why i feel it and what caused it. the answer is much more unexplainable in the context of action and reaction, it is just an imbalance in mood, chemical, like theres no ballast to rationalizr the minor thing that triggered it. I am so happy that i found the diagnosis right for me. its a real eye opener. theres so much life out there to experience than being trapped by your thoughts insie your head. when people told me this i always got angry because i couldnt feel it when it was happening. once you find the right psychiatrist and diagnosis then life really opens up. the episodes come sometimes but they are much more easy to break out of. good luck beth and tuva. i really hope this all helps (it helped me just typing it!). Just remember that a happy life is not too far away. have hope, i was at rock bottom when this wasnt treated. much love and sympathy to you both. there is a clean cut cure for this needless emotional bullshit, :)<br />
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same here jayne :( seems like no comment out here.. i need help too ppl