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i need some help and support i am a 16 year old boy and weigh 268 pounds i have bean overweight since i was in 3rd grade and i do not no what to do i hate being obese i have friends but the thing i want most is a girl friend i am not ugly i am just overweight and i do not no what to do i have tried to lose all this weight before with no change and i don't no what to do anymore i need help and support and advise plz help me thx 
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you didn't give much info about your current lifestyle. i know how u feel though. i to need to make some changes. this is what i'm doing. i am 20 and 170 pounds. i need to be 125 in order to have a healthy weight. thats 45 pounds. i am currently trying the master cleanse for the third time. this time i plan not to slip back into my old habits.
1. i have decided to give up cake, ice cream and chocolate ( not forever but i decide i'll only taste a little at parties/ get together)
2. i am fighting to give up meat. have made massive progress though with about 2 slip ups in months
3. i plan to add more fruits and veggies to my diet
4. i plan to keep hydrated with water not juice (sometimes u feel hungry but the truth is you are thirsty)
5. i plan to eat a salad with 2 of the 3 meals i eat daily
6. i will not eat after sunset
7. i will join a gym and take up swimming for fun
these are my goals and are completely doable for me. it may not be for you but i hope it inspires u to set goals.
by the way find out if u eat becaus of emotional reasons. you are young getting in shape will only help you (if done the right way that is) it will definitely jump start your social life. good luck. oh u should pray about it. its my secret weapon sms

There is a woman out there who will appreciate you for who you are rather than just looking to change you. Be who you are, and find a positive attitude; enjoy life, and positive things will begin to happen. Of course, working for your personal goals never hurts. Talking to friends helps. talking to a good doctor helps. Even talking on here can help. Let us know how we can support you.

no, you don't need a shrink. you need to go see a doctor, preferably a pediatrician. there are also pediatricians who have a strong background in obesity, nutrition and exercise physiology. if your family doesn't have health insurance, or you can't get them to take you to a doctor, then at least talk to the nurse at your school. if you get medical help first, they can refer you to a counselor, or "life coach" but do something, take action!! don't NOT worry about it. YOU have to empower yourself. you can do this without spending money, just read up on the basics of nutrition and obesity..even wikipedia could work. if you know what you're trying to beat, you'll be a lot better at it!!<br />
so in short:<br />
1) google obesity, morbid obesity, nutrition, exercise physiology<br />
2) talk to a school nurse or guidance counselor, these people have to treat you with respect, and are required by law to maintain your privacy.<br />
3) talk to your family, convince them that changing is something that you want to do, and then they will take you more seriously, even more so because you are presenting to them what you need to do, why you need to do it, how, and when you sound like you are invested in what you're talking about..people are more likely to be invested in your plans too!!!<br />
4) have a little faith. in yourself.. in a god, or in something. optimism is also a good option if you're not spiritual. be the happiest person you know, and that energy is just infectious! honestly if someone smiles at me genuinely, I just have to smile back :)<br />
<br />
Good luck and God Bless!!!

hi , wow thats a lotta weight...listen if you are determined to loose all these pounds off u all you gotta do is focus on it, think what are the stuffs that makes u grow more obese then start taking actions on reducing it slowly till u stop it. go out more and do stuffs , do not mind what would people say about the changes you would take don't let them put u down and stop u from achieving your goal to loose weight and dont expect to see changes too fast it would take its toll slowly but surely dont worry