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so it has been like a week since i have decided to wright anything on my post because i have not had anything to write about but since, i have lost a couple of pounds then i think i might have somthing to write about, i am not having like the most best progress but tleast i am not just sitting around the house and not having any progress at all, i am so very proud of myself and i am very happy that things are finally changing,,,, but i know that things are just begining and i know that i have a long way to go and i know that i will be making big changes in my life and i know  that those chages will help not only me but also for my family and for my husband, So i have been thinking that i really also need to change the things that i eat, i have been moring on how much i eat and i have been eating alot more then i was and i think that it is actually helping so i am pretty happy about that, Another thing that i am happy about is that i think that not weighing myself everyday and not worrying about how much i actually weigh it might be helping to i dont know maybe it is all in my head but it seems to be helping, but anyways i am rambling on and i dont have any idea what the hell i am saying anymore, and i will be writing another one i a couple days when i have somthing else to say........... dont forget to smile cause if that is the only thing that you do in life then at least you will be happy......
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I ride my bike a lot, like over 4000 miles this year so my burn side is way up in the summer. I try to eat healthy, low fat low sugar when I am not working out so much. I try to workout 1 hour at least 6 days a week. More or less stay focused on the goal and know it's going ot be part of your life forever. It's not a diet, but a lifestyle change.

what are some things that you had to do and keep to in order to get where you are at today, i would love to hear what worked for you,, i always love great input.... and thanks for those inspirational thoughts.....

Well it's a long process 2 and 1/2 years ago I was 270 lb at 5'10" so in the same boat, now I am down to 195. It's a daily process of burning more then you eat. I know when I am less active I really have to watch what I eat. I have found a balance, I would still like to drop 10 or 15 more lbs, but at least now I am not in the danger zone. Keep focused, keep up the hard work and if you fall off the wagon get right back on, because in the end it all worth it.