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As a child i was bigger than everyone else.  But it never bothered me.  Fat jokes would come my way but i always found a way to come back with another joke and laugh at the other guy.  now at 19 years old weighing close to 400 lbs i need to change.  Im just simply tired of going out with my friends and being the Fat funny guy that makes everyone laugh.  Sometimes i would miss out on alot of things because of my weight.  all my friends are very trendy with fashion and being big, the first thing i think they have my size?  I dont fit in with my friends and it makes me feel horrible.  i just want to be able to enjoy a day with my friends and family without feeling out of place.
 Im looking to lose about 60-80 lbs by Christmas.
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2 Responses Jul 27, 2010

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I can definitely relate to your story and i am alos on that journey to trying to lose weight. Snce i started my diet in august i've lost 40 pounds with doing little or no exercise. The trick is to not call it exercise lol! What i do is i do the little things, like for example take the stairs instead of the elevator, trust me the little things add up. Oh i also eat healthier, but i still eat ice cream lol. What i do is i find healthier substitutions for the foods i love or eat smaller portions of the foods i love. Oh and fiver one helepd me get started on mye diet, it controls your hunger. Good luck! I hope this helped and i guess we'll fight this together lol because i am still on my journey.

Heyyyy!<br />
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Thats awesome! good luck with it! <br />
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PS some advice.<br />
Let go. Just let go of everything.<br />
This is your time now, time to find the real you, and what the real you really wants, and trust me its more then fitting in that you want, You want to be you, but your sick of people seeing you as just the big guy. Show them the real you then ;)