Day Two Of Food Diary!

Today is my second day of my food diary. I am already finding out wonderful things about myself.

I eat when I am stressed, ie, when I am having difficulties with my baby.
I eat when I am bored.

I've also found out that I don't eat a lot, at all. Yesterday, I had 1700 calories and today only 1400. I thought I would have had much more. So the plan has been set, according to my two days of keeping track! I am going to continue to monitor what I eat. We've planned a trip to see my family in August and if I can keep on top of my eating (or not as the case may be!) then we're going to purchase a Wii and Wii fit for me when we get back. My husband and I have both wanted a wii for a long time and now is a good reason to get one. With his help, I should be able to do that a few days a week and slowly increase it to six days! I am getting so excited!
Caelestris Caelestris
22-25, F
Jul 28, 2010