Very Proud Of Myself!

Yesterday, my husband and I had to do some shopping. Usually, when we're out he wants to go to McDonald's as he's IN LOVE with the double quarter pounder. As I said before, he's got the metabolism of a crazy man and will never gain a pound no matter what goes into his mouth. I was hesitant, not sure I would have the self control to NOT order horribly delicious yet tragically devastating foods. He assured me that he wouldn't let me fall back. He ordered his dinner, I looked at the menu... and ordered something much healthier. When I got my order, a small salad and two grilled chicken wraps, I was so excited. I had passed my first real trial of this journey, and though it's not as exciting as some epic quests, it sure has proven to be as rewarding.

Even though I have not lost a single pound yet, I can feel my self esteem rising daily. By the time we go on vacation, I should be conditioned decently well enough to stay on track.

More updates as they come!
Caelestris Caelestris
22-25, F
Jul 30, 2010