Growing Bigger - Happenings The Last Year

I have not posted in a while since my last post a year ago when I had attained 365.  I have continued to gain.  I put on 10 more pounds over the summer and was at 375 when I took a cruise.  I think that taking a week or two for a cruise for a vacation is an excellent way to relax and enjoy time away.  The week cruise I took was also a great experience in my eating pleasure.  You get to eat as much as you want.  The sit down restaurants and the buffet lines are excellent.  For a whole week I was able to eat as much as I wanted.  The cruise ship staff was very helpful.  In the morning I would usually start with some breakfast in the room - a plate full of pastries - as I enjoyed the scenery from my balcony.  Then I would move to the breakfast buffet line for several helpings - eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit, more pastries and a sampling of the rest.  Most mornings I would get second and third helpings.  Then relaxing on the deck while reading books and time during the morning for a nice snack as well as some dips in the pool.  Lunch was great - casual pool attire and a chance to order what I wanted from the menu or eat again on the buffet line.  Afternoons included a nap, another afternoon snack and getting ready for dinner.  At dinner, I would usually have two appetizers, two main courses and two or more desserts.  Of course, the evening could not end without a chance to try the various places for more dessert or another late meal.  I managed to read quite a few books.

The cruises ususally have excursions.  I went on some - those that were relaxing.  Many of the offered cruises had symbols saying they required significant physical activity or had weight restrictions.  Those I did not choose.  But a tour or a boat excursion were good.  There were generally places to stop and try the local food - which was great.  The room was also perfect. 

I could feel myself getting larger throught the cruise.  As I was sitting by the pool I could tell that the people who wandered by noticed how fat I was sitting there on the deck chair.  My size definitely showed as I went to and from the pool.  There were others on the cruise who were also large.  Several of us would occassionally enjoy lunch or dinner together and share our experiences.

By the time the cruise ended, I could barely fit in the shorts I had brought with me.  I also found that towards the end of the cruise as I walked around I was starting to waddle.  That made me wonder how much I had gained.  I could tell on the flight home that I was large as it was a tighter fit in the seat and the extender belt was stretched further over by belly.  The scale said 387 at home and it felt great. 

Over the rest of the summer and fall, I kept eating quite a bit.  By September I had passed 400 and was ordering new clothes on line since I could not find any big and tall stores that had my size.  By then I was into the 60s waist.  In the fall my weight kept increasing.  Some weeks only a pound or two, others more - generally a funciton of how much I ate over the weekend and whether during the week I could get out to a buffet place for lunch.  When I could do so, I would spend a long lunch eating as much as I could.  I found that as I would go back for more helpings I would have to let out my belt to accomodate my belly getting larger from what I was eating.  A few times I would have to undo the top button to give more room.  Then I would have to rest a bit after eating so I could reassemble myself after my meal.  Dinners were always large - either ones I cooked or takeout.  I would make sure to wear sweats so the waist band would be flexible.  By Thanksgiving I was at 425 and by Christmas 430.  A week's vacation over the holidays at a resort was excellent.  I relazed and ate all the time and came back to work at about 440.

My colleagues at work noticed how much larger I am.  Luckily in my office, my chair accomodates my size well.  Going to metings in others offices or conference rooms requires some planning.  Chairs with sidearms are out as I was always gettting stuck or could not fit in them.  I arranged with the office manager to have chairs without arms available.  The winter was fairly poor on weather so I was not as active and I kep on gaining.  By the end of March I was over 460.  With golf season arriving, I started to practice some so I could play and found that my size is causing me to adjust the way I play.  By the time I went out for rounds in the spring, I was close to 470.  A cart was needed.  Of course the guys I play with were good natured and kidded me about my grazing al fall and winter.  A number of times we would go out for lunch after the round and they liked seeing how much I would eat.  At some of the pizza places we would go, I would finish two or more pizzas.  A few times, they had to help me get up and make sure I could make it to my car. 

Since I was somewhat more active during the spring and summer so far, I was not gaining as much, but I still am growing bigger.  I took another cruise this summer to enjoy a week of relaxing and eating and I did very much eating.  The flight to the cruise ship was the first time I nad been on a plane in a while.  I did not figure I would fit in a first class seat so I purchased two economy seats.  With my larger size, I convicned the gate personnel to let me board early so I could waddle down the jet way and not be rushed as I tried to fit down the aisle. Luckily I was able to procure the bulkhead seats and did not have to go far. I definitely need both seats and the extender belt which now joined the seat belts from thw two eats.  I am sure I was quite a signt for the other passengers.  A few did smile or point.  I enjoyed the attention as I was eating my lucnh of several cheeseburgers and shakes.  I did not even bother trying to use the armrest trays as they could not be deployed with my large belly.

The cruise was excellent.  I waddled my way around and enjoyed the time eating and eating and reading.  No excursions this time as I wanted to enjoy the time on the ship and spend my time relaxing.  The swims in the pools were great.  I definitely showed my size and it felt great.  The meals were great and I could tell I was putting on the pounds.  By the time I returend, I had reached over 500 pounds.  My golf buddies were good natured about how fat I am now.  i am having fun with my size.  Going to malls and stores always brings out interesting looks and comments.  My walk has definitely changes.  I am slower and adjusting to where my weight shifts.  I love the way I look. 

We will see where my weight goes.  I would like to get to 600 and see how that feels.  As long as I can walk, swim and do what I want, I am happy.
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This is one of the most disturbing articles, blogs, whatever you want to call it. I weigh 384 lbs and struggle everyday to try and get each pound off. I have a hard time breathing and my body hurts. What in the hell are you doing trying to become bigger?

I am somewhere between 690 and 720 depending on the scale. Waist is high 80's to over 90, depending on cut. I can't go anywhere with seats with armrests, booths, or most public events. I sit on at least two folding chairs; almost feel like I need three from the spill-over. I need a walker on each side of me and still some help sometimes to get up from the two-or-three seats. Anything involving "toilet activities" is either impossible without custom accessory tools or a big adventure . I avoid public urinals because I can't hold my belly up high enough to make that work. The immense belly hangs down to my knees and makes walking very difficult. No vehicle will accomodate me behind the steering wheel. Sex is a distant memory, and became impossible in any position between 550 and 600. Quite a life, huh?

Hi Willie are you any closer to that 600 pound goal ?

What a wonderful story! It must have been so relaxing to enjoy all that food on the cruise! It sounds like you have some wonderful coworkers too! I loved the part about un buckling your belt to make room for more food!

I like your thoughts. I do wish that the places we go in our everyday life could be more accomodating for those like me who are very large. I am not sure that this will change as most retail / entertainment places have too much invested in their sites. Having larger seats in movie theaters would be nice. I cannot fit in their seats anymore and generally watch any movies on my cable service. That does have a very good advantage as I can eat what I want and as much as I want without having to get out and go to the snack counter. Sports events would be much better if they could build or have wider seats. I still go to games as long as they have bleacher seating. I always get looks when I go to the games as people watch me waddle to my seat. Sometimes I sti towards the bottom, especially if I go to a game after I have eaten a full meal, so that I can make sure I keep my balance. Of course I take a lot of room but at leat there are no side arms. Bowling is fairly fun. I learned that when I bend down to deliver the ball I have to do it slowly as there is a big change as my belly lowers. Airline travel is always challenging but with me buying two seats that works well. I try to get the bulkhead seats so I have don't have to squeeze down the economy aisle. My last trip I was towards the back but I managed to have them let me on early so I could have enough time to get down the aisle and in my seat. Great flight with my take on lunch. Anyplace to go on vacation where there is a nice pool or beach and lots of good buffet restaurants is fun.

No i don't mean just restaurants. I mean all kinds of accommodations everywhere, entertainment wise like bowling alleys, movie theaters, coffee shops, just everything you can think of that is fun to go out and do. Yes i can imagine that your center of gravity would needed to be controlled as your belly and maybe the rest of your body sways side to side with the momentum of your walking. It sounds like you think it out though and prepare yourself to deal with it. Very good. So keep writing about different experiences cuz i wanna read :)

Thanks for the comment. I usually don't wear clothes that are tight. I try not to wear loose baggy clothes either. My selection tends to be clothes that fit well and show off my size. I wear my pants with my belt around my navel. That really helps to show off how large I am and how big my belly is. I like waddling by store windows or reflective windows that show how large I am. I have definitely had to adjust to walking with all my weight. At frist when I was in the mid to high 300s it was a matter of getting used to not seeing my feet. And then I had to adjust to the change in my center of gravity. As I grew larger and larger, I noticed that my weight would shift somewhat as I walked and I had to get used to how I moved. Now I have more weight and a larger belly. I watch for places where I have to step up and down so I can be ready.<br />
<br />
I like the idea of places where we could go and enjoy being with others who are very fat and obese like us. I guess the closest places are the all you can eat buffet restaurants. I like going there to eat and eat. I have to take my time afterwards as I get used to how full I am and adjust to the feeling.

That sounds great willie. I hope you are wearing nice tight tee shirts all tucked in under that great belly to help support it and make it look all big and beautiful. i like it that your golf buddies are just fascinated by your new fatter body and greater eating capacity. They really love you for who you are. More to love :) Yea i am trying to imagine how that must feel with your weight shifting being as big as you are. It has to feel quite incredible. I think there should be activities all over in every state where fat people can enjoy each other's company and share how good it feels to be fat. You are fortunate too that they are cooperating with you at work and giving you chairs that will support your weight so you can be comfortable. The world needs to change in their accommodations for big people so all can have good furniture and big enough spaces to enjoy themselves. Still enjoying our stories :)