The Joys And Experiences Of Going From 200 To Over 500 Pounds

Several years ago, I decided I was happiest being very fat.  I decided that I would enjoy being the size I wanted to be and for me that meant very large.  As I have added 300 pounds I was reflecting on some of the different experiences I have enjoyed and still enjoy.  As I keep gaining I am sure there will be more.

1.  Learning how to adjust my walk / waddle - especially as I passed 400 pounds and grew larger - adjusting to the change in my center of gravity - learning how to adjust as my body moves - learning how to look ahead and watch where I am going - learning how to move when in crowds - adjusting to how much room I need to allow to get by people or better let others get by me as I waddle around - realizing that I am walking much slower than before.
2.  Clothes - getting the chance to buy new clothes.  At first not that often and later more often.  Learning how to find clothes that fit well and show off my size.  As my belly has grown, wearing pants around my navel to show off my size and having pants that show how large my middle is above and below my belt.  Finding all about big and tall stores.  Then trying to find places to shop online and hoping they have the sizes I need.  Learning how my weight gain changes my waist size.  Learning to buy pants that have enough room for my large thighs and rear.  Dealing with pants that seem to get smaller.  Having a waist that is more than my height.  Adjusting to the time to get dressed.  Learning how to put on socks and shoes when my belly changes the way I bend over.  Realizing a shoe horn wiht a long handle is essential.  Finding out how much I eat can change the way my pants fit after a meal.
3.  Driving - learning how to get in and out of a car with my size - carefully back in and turn and see how little room there is between my belly and the steeering wheel.  Finding a car that is comfortable and handles my size.  Getting out of a car - moving my wide body around so I can ease out.  After I have returned from one of my buffet all you can eat meals this is even more challenging.
4.  Swimming - learning how to love this form of exercise - learning how my swimming changes with my size - enjoying the looks I get when I get in and out of the pool.  Considered a low diving board cannon ball but ruled that out since i did not think the diving board could handle my weight.
5.  Eating - enjoying the feeling of eating as much as I want when I want.  Enjoying the full feeling.  Having the experience of not being able to move for a while after stuffing myself.  Finding out how much I can eat.  Going out with friends and having them be amazed at how much I eat - letting them help me eat by filling my plates and then having to help me get up and to my car.  Sometimes, I am so full I let others drive.
6.  People - finding out how others deal first with you as you look like you are putting on weight - comments about the bulging waist - the belt being let out.  Seeing how others react when they see me as obese (that was 300+).  Seeing how people watch when I eat.  Dealing wiht people as I reached 400 and my belly showed more and more.  Using the jokes as a sense of pride in how I look and feel.  If they notice, then I am happy.  Watching people as I waddle by (which started somewhere around 400).  Having friends bring by donuts in the morning and cookies in the afternoon - the more the better - and they were always thanked.  Going out for meals with many so I could partake with my favorite hobby - eating.  Seeing me sit down or get up always brings out the best of humor and attention.  Having someone see me seated and watching them look at how large I am.  Showing them how even at 500 plus I still get around well, although more slowly.  Finding out who walks with me or goes ahead.  Having them know I am happy with the way I am.
7.  Sports - gradually realzing that a very fat and obese man is not going to be on any courts or fields and still get great pleasure out of golfing.  Playing golf with friends who kid me about my grazing but are nice enough to pick up the ball or tee it up.  Getting to enjoy a round in a cart full of snacks.  Going out afterwards with them for a meal to stuff myself.
8.  Sitting and laying - learning how much my large belly affects how I sit.  How it pushes my legs apart. 
9.  Mirrors - Amazing how that very large and fat man is me - just like I want.

I am sure there are more.  Of course there are the experiences of being my size in a world where we who are very large have to deal with all the aspects of our size - chairs, space, etc.  I really love the way I am.


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6 Responses Aug 17, 2010

You're amazing! Surprised you can still move around!

You're disgusting!!

truly insperational. i can't wait to be there and have those delicous experiences

Your post is a saved favorite! All of what you write is true for me too. I am having trouble with my Toyota Corolla at my size. I can accidental sound my horn with my belly when I get in or out or adjust the seat!

Good for you! I am a large woman, that is well respected in my job, well liked, and very self confident. I don't let my size dictate my self confidence at all, and I would have to say that is displayed to others around. I accept myself for the person I am inside and out.

Fabulous, over the top articles you write. Congratulations on becoming "the fat man of your dreams".Your articles create such excitement and are very stimulating and inspiring for others to reach their known or hidden dreams. It's great that you have a group of people that support your goals and fulfilling lifestyle. So many wonderful aspects of growing fatter and fatter: the delicious food whenever you want, the wonderful soft and large body changes including a bigger belly, and most important a wonderful wife who loves and supports you in your rounder size. (love how you mention so many other aspects) Hopefully, you can have eating partners that also may overindulge - great company. I love your vacation stories on the ship. Ample beauties in the east was going to host a group on a ship this Sept. to Bermuda but not enough people signed up so it was cancelled; was very disappointed. Really wanted to be in the company of many large people eating, swimming and having a ball for several days. FYI, there are several people, but one that I can remember on fantasy feeder - somefatguy- that was thin and 6 or so months ago was over 550 lbs and is desperately trying to gain more weight since he really enjoys his wonderful large body. He has put together a collage to show his wonderful weight gaining history and other things. There is also an artist BeefyWaad99 that has drawn wonderful drawings of larger people with great words.Well keep over- indulging and enjoying the wonderful benefits of a round, well fattenned body that keeps getter rounder! Keep writing and encouraging others - fantastic motivator!

it is truly amazing how passionate my obese girlfriends have been and how dull the skinny ones were. There is a real sense of community here, and in this world that is hard to find.