Big Girl

im a really big girl. one time i saw on a doctors note, that she wrote that i am morbidly obese. i thought "me???' yeah, i guess that is me.

inside i still think that im skinny as i was growing up. the only time i realize otherwise is when i catch site of a mirror.
i would like not to be this way, but havent had much luck keeping weight off whenever i manage to lose some of it. i always think, maybe someday. and i hold onto those size 16 clothes. im 24 right now, but i would be satisfied to be a size 16. i would still be big, but fit into 'normal' clothes, if you know what i mean. XL's.
still i dont let this keep me down. i go to the beach and swimming pools. i didnt do that when i was thin. but now, if someone doesnt like me in a bathing suit, they can just look away. its not my problem. i wear a dress or skirt every day for work and wear make up.
ever read 'fat is a feminist issue'?
good book.
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A big girl with confidence in herself. Awesome. Keep being you, sexy!

Good job on getting fatter!

I use to feel that way about my size.. I put my clothes on, keep my hair fixed and wear my makeup, Butttt.. reality always sets in. I am always the biggest person around. I am always left out, I get stares and ridicules. I just don't like being fat and plus I don't feel good. I don't have any health issues (thank God). I just don't feel good physically or mentally. I truly believe that my weight plays a big role. You would think by despising fat so much that it would encourage me to lose the weight and keep it off. That's what makes me really realize that within my body there's a serious problem with metabolism and genetics. I commend you and wish the best.

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Very True for every 5 or 10 lbs you lose. Do something you werent able to do before,or walk a 1/4 of a mile.& have a bite of something really sweet and after taking One bite pour salt all over it. That way you won't cheat any more. Good luck.

Instead of looking to be in the size 16 clothes - how about size 22? Take baby steps. : Celebrate every pound you lose!

I am 400 lbs,6'3, I am not fat I am pleasingly plump. Now I dont look 64 thats what people say. And I say the reason is because my fat streches all the wrinkles out. SOO now wrinkles I am young.

Hi from jorourke. <br />
I can accept your point of view. I do admire large women. Thank you. <br />

I say good for all of you. I say self confidence and loving yourself no matter your size you are is whats important. I once weighed over 300 pounds myself but unlike you I did not have to self confidence to back that up. I have now lost over 150LBS and I'm at a healthy weight for my height but I have to say I still don't think I have the self confident that you do. Good for you.

Yes, I would also say, "good for you."

Well done for being so happy with yourself.<br />
I wish i had as much confidence.<br />
I agree though, if they dont want to look at you, thats the problem.<br />
<br />
<br />
good for you!

I am glad you are happy and confident with the way you are. That is the same for me. I love being very fat and am now at 355 having added 50 pounds over the last six months. I found I am happiest when I am large and gaining. Keep up the positive approach, it works for me.

i bet dumpling, you were heavy as a child. i have noticed that this issue is the deciding factor on how upsetting weight is to people. i was skinny until i was around 20. so inside, i still feel skinny. and i make jokes about my weight all the time. one time (i worked in a psych hospital) i was wearing all brown and a teenager called me jabba the hut. i still laugh about this. ironically, i sometimes have lunch with this really thin petite woman and she is really upset by fat jokes. thats because she grew up fat and still feels fat, even though she must be a size 5 now.

No, I've never read that book, although I've heard of it. I must buy it. I too 'dress up' and wear make up, and can look reasonably attractive for a big girl, I guess. And pretty clothes are easier to buy than i ever thought they would be for someone my size, but, in a way that's a bad thing, because it makes you think that if you can still dress nice, and wear nice shoes etc, that you must look alright, and that people don't notice how big you are. But they do. I've had small children that I don't even know shout things like "Who ate all the pies" or "Want another creamcake?" and it hurts.